Photo courtesy of 特伦顿 Lee

您’re never too young to discover 您的 career aspirations in life, and 17-year-old 特伦顿 Lee is already living out some of his biggest dreams. The wig styling extraordinaire has created custom designs for some of the entertainment industry’s top celebrities, including Tichina Arnold, Blac Chyna, and Cardi B. He is also the CEO of a wig designing company called Luxe 通过 特伦顿. As his star continues to rise, 特伦顿 hopes to use his gifts to give back to the community and inspire other young people to follow their hearts and dreams.

特伦顿’s start in the hairstyling industry is an inspiring coming of age story. As a young boy growing up in Kansas City, his peers relentlessly bullied him because of his interest in hair. Instead of going outside to play sports with the neighborhood kids, 特伦顿 enjoyed staying in and creating hairstyles. 特伦顿 eventually reached a low point in his life when the bullying became unbearable, but a chance meeting with comedian Cedric the Entertainer quickly helped to give 特伦顿 hope and a new perspective on life. With Cedric’s help, 特伦顿 landed an appearance on 史蒂夫·哈维(Steve Harvey)秀, where he received a $20,000 scholarship 从 Sally 美人 and an opportunity to be mentored by the legendary celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson at his Los Angeles hair salon.  

Photo courtesy of 特伦顿 Lee

From that point on, the love kept pouring in, and 特伦顿 continued to be embraced by his heroes in the hairstyling industry. He got an invitation to the Bronner Brothers hair show, where he and his mother took to the stage to share his incredible story. He also landed a guest spot at the 美人Con convention, where he showcased his wig-making skills and got an opportunity to create a custom unit for Cardi B.

Now that his clientele is building and his business is flourishing, 特伦顿 does not only wish to bask in the glow of his success in the competitive hairstyling industry. He also seeks to give back by helping to foster change for other bullied kids and by partnering with charities to help create wigs for those suffering 从 hair loss.

“I enjoy creating crowns of confidence for people of all ages, sexes and backgrounds. I also have a strong passion for helping those who have suffered hair loss 从 cancer and/or other hair elements. With every unit that I do, I want to become better and better. I want to make more people smile and build more crowns of confidence,” Trenton says.

炒头发 很高兴采访这位年轻的国王,这是他必须分享的关于他的生活,职业和未来目标的内容!

HYPE HAIR:您是什么时候第一次意识到自己对发型的热爱?

特伦顿: My story is deeply rooted 在我的 childhood. At the gentle age of two, I would swing around objects creating the image of what has now come to be the fruition of hair. It wasn’t until I reached the age of 15 that I was able to save up enough money to purchase my first wig. It was one of the most exciting times of my life! 

HH: What inspires 您的 work?
特伦顿: Beauty and acceptance! It’s that simple. Every time I start a new project or unit, I envision a person. 您r hair tells a story!

HH: What are some of the most rewarding experiences that you have had in 您的 career?
特伦顿: The most rewarding 我的经历是 当我的工作得到认可时。 Not acknowledged 只是因为受欢迎或成为最好的事实 被公认为真正将所有激情投入工作的人。我很荣幸能与业内的杰出人士合作,并与我分享了他们的一些个人智慧。我已经拿走了很多东西 in my day-to-day 生活。对我来说,这很有意义!

HH:和Tichina Arnold在一起工作感觉如何,当您刚开始时为Cardi B.创建设计感觉如何?
特伦顿: 我永远也不会忘记。那是在BeautyCon,我一直以为会 很高兴见到CardiB。 我记得去我的愿景委员会说我很想能够为她创建一个单位。所以我做了。我花了68个小时为她打造一个让她觉得自己会喜欢的外观。能够将她送到这个单位真是太荣幸了! Tichina Arnold是一位了不起的人。她是使我坐下并与我分享一些精彩人生课程的众多人之一。她还提醒我不要放弃太多,而我的价值还不止于此!

HH: Who is 您的 current dream person to work with?
特伦顿: 有很多,但Lady Gaga和Billie Eilish仅举几例。

HH: How do you navigate being so young in an adult-driven profession, and how do you balance 您的 career with school responsibilities?
特伦顿: 让我告诉你,这并不容易。我学到了很多令人费解的课程。一 thing 似乎一直让我震惊的是嫉妒。我想我没有意识到这是一个艰苦的行业,但是我非常感激能有一位母亲陪我走过低谷,通常在以前 it even happens!

我目前正在自学,这是我高三。学校对我很重要,并且 it is my top priority and responsibility. 我必须说,在我的企业家课程上,能够完成一项实际的业务真是太好了!

HH: Tell us about 您的 experience with bullying and how you hope to be an advocate for change in that area?
特伦顿: I was severely bullied 从 kindergarten through the 7th grade for being different. I was different because I didn’t go outside and play sports, but I would stay inside brushing hair and getting the girls’ 头发里面在一起。从那里开始,事情变得越来越糟。一世 really 希望激发孩子们,如果他们爱某些东西并且对它有热情,就不要在乎仇恨者的话,而继续做自己喜欢的事情和让自己快乐的事情。

特伦顿: 不要着急!真正专注于您的工艺并使其完美。不要放弃!这需要时间,并且 your 时间会到!保持灵感。

Photo courtesy of 特伦顿 Lee

特伦顿: 我正在从事多个不同的项目。我最令人兴奋的事情之一是,我与一家名为Ronald McDonald的当地慈善机构合作 堪萨斯城的房子 密苏里州。该设施容纳其子女患有癌症的家庭。我觉得非常需要的一件事就是能够打动这些家庭 somehow, 使他们摆脱可能遭受的压力和痛苦。 那么,为什么不把头发整理好,戴上假发,甚至尝试新的颜色!我们目前正在尝试执行此操作,但是由于 financial restraints from 不可预见的COVID-19 危机,资金成了 an issue. We decided to 放一个GoFundMe 帮助实现这一愿景。 以下是链接。如果您能提供帮助,我将不胜感激!


您还有其他想要分享的东西吗? 炒头发 readers?
特伦顿: 这对我们所有人来说都是艰难的时刻。坚强点, 继续努力,您会没事的!我为您加油,这次我们所有人都会度过难关!穿 your masks!

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