Louboutin X Solaso​​fia平底鞋"Toudou"

图片来源:Christian Louboutin

各地的妇女都知道,在那种难以捉摸的衣服中找到衣服是多么真实的斗争“nude” skin-tone color. From hosiery and lingerie to shoes, unless made by other people of color, brown-skinned girls are not likely to find designers making 裸体 in anything other than beige or tan. And it’这不仅是棕色女孩的事情,我们肤色白皙的朋友也同样恼火。

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因此,当我们最喜欢的红底设计师Christian Louboutin去年扩展其裸体系列以为所有肤色提供七种不同的肤色时,我们感到非常激动–从瓷器到深巧克力。当他们在本周推出一系列新的公寓,令社交媒体大放异彩时,我们感到更加兴奋

Louboutin X Solaso​​fia平底鞋"Toudou"

图片来源:Christian Louboutin

索拉斯菲亚 ballerina flat is officially here and features a soft nappa leather designed to mimic the feeling of skin. It joins two other shoes in the 裸体s collection —Pigalle Goillies 100高跟鞋和Senora 100 Peekaboo鞋跟。

当公寓位于豪华房一侧时, 零售价$ 595,我们’re hoping all the media attention it has received will inspire more affordable brands to jump on the wagon, too. Because, well, all of our 裸体s are beautiful.


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